Up to 19% of ad budget is wasted because SEO & PPC aren’t integrated.

Lots of agencies do SEO & PPC but almost everyone treats the activities separately which wastes up to 19% of the ad budget. At Greenlight we utilise proprietary methods and patent pending technology to deliver an integrated approach to both SEO & PPC, which delivers an extra layer of efficiency to our clients’ overall search activities. We make their existing budgets go further.

Hydra, our data integration platform, allows us to identify where campaign overlap is occurring and if PPC is cannibalising free search traffic and sales from organic search. The budget can then be re-allocated to better performing campaigns to drive new incremental sales.

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16 Apr 2014

Metrics are essential to creating a well thought through, effective content strategy. To begin leveraging content opportunities, it's essential to understand content's performance. However, whilst the...

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