Every sale is the product of 2.7 clicks. So where do you begin? Attribution.

Attribution has come a long way since Fritz Heider’s theoretical starting point in the 1950s. Quantifying the influence of each impression on a customer’s decision to purchase is a task peppered with doubt. Marketing agencies often try and take the credit for attribution statistics, leaning on any data available and complex attribution models for support. Confusing statistics, puzzling conversion rates and muddy analytics are common place. At Greenlight, we make attribution simple.

The key to successful attribution is understanding every marketing channel; from paid and organic search to affiliate marketing and social media. Knowing where to invest your assets is simple when your digital agency has a firm hold of all marketing channels. Understanding and implementing the data you have access to in an effective way is our approach to executing and actualising attribution. We understand ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline), e-commerce trends and media placement metrics. The best part? We convey this to our clients in a single customer view.

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Is "Not Provided" a Big Deal for PPC?

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24 Apr 2014

Recent rumours in the search world have been confirmed in Google’s Developer blog that Google is planning on blocking the search query data from third parties....

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