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10 th Feb 2014

Music Magpie and others: Spammy links lose sites' brand ranks

Here it is. Another dose of Greenlight's weekly Blog Watch - the stuff that's got our eyes caught! If you’re not on the floor in a crumpled heap of knowledge after these then you didn’t read carefully enough!
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15 th Jul 2013

Integrated search and digital strategies a MUST in a competitive multi-channel and multi-device marketplace

A fully Integrated digital search strategy is a difficult thing to achieve but is a must for all digital marketers in a competitive multi-channel and multi-device marketplace. The siloed approach needs to change and needs to be driven from the top. C-level employees need to realise that to deliver an integrated strategy, all departments need to be aligned to work towards the business’s goals. To really embrace it, a business needs to be ambitious and courageous.
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12 th Jul 2013

The Content King abdicates and it’s Presentation that takes the crown

Content marketing signals a new way of presenting content, not a totally new way of writing, video capturing or researching. We are now acting as storytellers. The new approach to content demands, by its very nature, that we aim high, positioning our brands within the proximity of those who can continue the story for us in a way in which Google favours – through journalists and influencers.