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10 th Mar 2014

The World Wide Web is a quarter of century old this month – but what might life be like had it not been invented?

March marks a quarter of a century since the genesis of the World Wide Web’s conversion from an idea on paper to what it is today, the fastest-growing communication medium of all times. But what might life be like had it not been invented?
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11 th Nov 2013

Top-level domains could become an important factor in ranking and online brand visibility

Today, the new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), the thousands of new domain extensions such as “.photography”, “.london” etc., that will be flooding into the market over the next few months, took a step forward and entered a new phase where they are open to applications from anyone. In Greenlight's view gTLDs open up the possibility of the TLD becoming an important ranking factor in the future, particularly for the truly “generic” gTLDs (i.e. not brand gTLDs).
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15 th Oct 2013

We blog therefore we are: Who blogs, who should blog and why

Here at Greenlight we all love blogs and blogging but to what extent do the rest of the world? Well, you’ll be pleased to know they are of the same opinion – so it’s not just us! Instead of rooting around for something content based to talk about I thought I’d wow you all with some blogging facts and then look into exactly why people blog. What draws us to blogging, what do we think we’ll get out of it and who do we think, or hope, is reading?
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08 th Aug 2013

Browsing for beauty: Almost two in five beauty product searches made on mobile devices

Consumers made over 2.1 million searches on the web for beauty care products in June and 38% were made using mobile devices, reveals the latest online search data from Greenlight. Overall, queries pertaining to make-up were the most popular.
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06 th Aug 2013


Brevity is now King ..The 140-character limit is what makes Twitter tick so well...but the newest trend is perhaps more unexpected, as brevity is now reaching much further than textual content. The 6 second video format of Vine and 15 seconds of Instagram's, are presenting new challenges and opportunities for marketers.