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30 th Jul 2012

Content from Digital Advent Calendar

Greenlight’s Digital Advent Calendar gives ten top tips to make your Search and social Media campaign successful in time for Christmas 2012.
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27 th Jul 2012

Facebook ad revenue slowdown – a mobile problem

With Facebook’s inaugural results perceived as being underwhelming, and Facebook looking to mobile to grow revenues, the challenge of how it monetises people’s usage of its network over mobile phones continues to be a primary concern for investors. In Greenlight's view, if a phone is now not part of its plans, Facebook has a mobile problem on its hands.
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26 th Jul 2012

The mighty hurdle: What happens when Brands meet the News and the News meets Censorship

The sporting event hosted in London this summer is a great example of how censorship can affect a brand's digital journey - especially when it comes to online PR. The trick is to leverage key events and news that you can naturally associate your brand with, add sources and back up your position with timely, relevant commentary. Jump through censorship hurdles by being smart with your language; allude to events, play on words - even pun - and write your marketing materials in a dignified and controlled manner.
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24 th Jul 2012

Social Olympics: As the Games Begin, Brand Sponsors Face Their Biggest Challenge Yet

Social Olympics: As the Games Begin, Brand Sponsors Face Their Biggest Challenge Yet Just three days to go to the London 2012 Olympics and Olympic sponsors are ramping up their activity in a last-stitch effort to make the most of their association with the Games. Online conversation about Olympic sponsorship has also gained momentum, more than doubling over the last two weeks to 142k conversations. And at last, on the social media front, Adidas seems to be making positive strides.