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It takes more than sharing buttons on product pages or ads on Facebook to make you social. Sociable brands shout ‘hey, over here, look, try this, what do you think?’ They capture your imagination, draw you in, and make the time rewarding, and worth talking about. This cements loyalty, keeps your brand front of mind, and spreads awareness.

We spend our waking hours obsessing about what makes our client’s tick, what’s going to excite them, draw them in, peak their curiosity and turn them into fans and advocates.

From simple things like sweepstakes to dedicated social competitions and Twitter-powered devices in the real world, the only real boundary is the imagination. And the more of it we use the better the engagement.

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Content Marketing – The Medium is the Message

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23 Apr 2014

Content Marketing is cleverly engineered communication of content production. Content that is engineered should include audience and influencer definition as standard, as well as in depth research int...

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